College Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there private tutoring available?
Yes! Private tutoring is available for all subjects upon request.

Question: Why should I join your college counseling program?
Our college counseling program is tailored towards your needs. We accept students as early as 8th grade going into 9th grade. Our goal is to help you discover your strengths and passions, organize your college applications and essays to look both complete and outstanding, and make your college application process as smooth as possible. We help and guide you along your potential career path and suggest courses to take at your high school. We have a huge database of all the schools around Rancho Cucamonga and have yearly updated lists of what colleges are looking for. Also, we proofread and suggest ideas for your college essays in order to captivate college admission department.

Question: Do the classes teach Common Core material?
Yes! Starting in 2014, our curriculum has focused on the Common Core State Standards. Priority Institute of Education provides unlimited resources for students to use from practice questions on all subjects to free diagnostic exams. Besides preparing our students for the recent changes made on the SAT and AP examinations, we also help our 3rd-6th grade students understand and apply the Common Core State Standards with our supportive teachers and staff.

Question: What are your classes like?
It depends which class you are interested in, but most of our classes are small class sizes. We want to empower students with quality education, so we have a low student to teacher ratio in order to provide each student the attention they deserve.

Question: Do you teach the new SAT?
Yes, all our SAT material is aligned with the new SAT 2016 exam format. We strive to prepare our students for these exam changes so that they are aware of these changes before exam time.

Question: Where can I find the prices for the classes?
You can call us at (909) 948-0745 or drop by our office.

Question: When Do I Meet the Counselor?
Our counselors schedule monthly meeting with each student. These meetings usually last one hour. As the student advances into the 11th grade and needs to start college applications, our academic counselors will request to meet more often—usually bimonthly or more—depending on the student’s needs.

Why PIE?
Priority Institute of Education (PIE) provides educational programs for 3rd to 12th grade students, from Common Core Curriculum to College Applications. In 2014, PIE got a head start on building our curriculum to focus on the Common Core State Standards. In 2015, we started preparing our high school students for the new 2016 format for the SAT exam. PIE helps students grow academically and confidently through its intellectually stimulating environment and supportive staff. We guarantee that our teachers and staff put their best efforts in helping our students, because we treat our students like family and want to help them reach their goals. We generously provide our students with endless practice questions and academic and professional resources, and our class sizes are small to focus on devoting more individual attention to each student. Our mission is to provide our students and parents with Dedication, Determination, and Discipline, because your child’s education is our top priority.

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