PIE Success Stories

I am sincerely grateful to have attended classes at Priority Institute of Education. I came in not knowing if I should take the SAT or the ACT exam but the staff shared with me the differences and advantages of taking either tests. I ended up taking the SAT classes here and really saw improvements in my practice exam scores every week! There was a point when my SAT scores stopped improving and just seemed stuck there. Fortunately, my SAT math teacher sat down with me and went over the math concepts I seemed to be constantly getting wrong. We worked on them together and after working on extra practice problems, I was able to see my math scores and overall SAT score sky-rocket. The teachers are super friendly and caring here, and I can tell because they are always asking how I am doing and finding more SAT material to enhance my learning. Thank you so much, Priority, I will definitely recommend other students to come here!


I’m a counseling student here at Priority Institute of Education and was part of the counseling program since the 9th grade. High school was a struggle for me—I had to juggle my grades, long work hours, and taking care of my siblings. I know I wanted to go to college, but it was hard knowing what to do and how to get there. Once I joined the counseling program, I felt at ease because Dr. Lee shared with me stories of how I’m not the only one going through hardships and that I could use my personal experiences in my college applications. For once, I felt like I had an advantage over my peers, because I had someone there personally guiding me on the right path. I knew I liked working with computers but didn’t know what else to do. I’m very thankful that Dr. Lee suggested what classes to take during all four years of high school and extracurriculars to participate in that would apply to the major that I want in college. Without Dr. Lee and the counseling program, I would not have learned about the EECS (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) major at UC Berkeley. I am now a senior in high school proud to tell my family, teachers, and classmates that I am going to my dream school and the number one public university, UC Berkeley, in the fall.

-B.Z., UC Berkeley

I was really struggling with understanding the concepts and word problems in my AP Chemistry class when I stumbled across Priority Institute of Education. Knowing that I needed help, I talked to my parents and we scheduled a private tutoring session. The teacher carefully explained tough concepts in a way I could understand and walked me through complicated problems. After a couple lessons, I noticed something: for months I had been completely lost in class, but suddenly I understood what my teacher was talking about! My class grade started rising and I even ended up doing well on the AP test. Thanks Priority!


I was new to the United States and I knew my English was not very good, so my parents knew English lessons would help me. They heard about Priority Institute of Education on the radio, and decided I should take an English class. The classwork and homework were hard at the beginning, but I got better and so did my grades. I moved up from the English as a second language class to the native speaker English class. Thank you for helping me, PIE.


Applying to college is hard, time consuming, and confusing, so I was completely overwhelmed when I started looking into the process. SAT or ACT? SAT or SAT II? Common App or the UC System application? Teacher recommendation letters? Thankfully, I had started taking an SAT prep classes at Priority Institute of Education, and knew they had a college application program. After a consultation with Dr. Lee, I joined the program and the daunting process that is college application wasn’t so intimidating any more. They helped plan and edit my multiple essays, made sure all of my test scores and paperwork was in order, and kept me on schedule so that I didn’t procrastinate. After they helped me submit all of my applications, all I had to do was wait. I ended up not only getting into several highly ranked universities, but also I was accepted into my dream school! I couldn’t have done it without Priority Institute! Thank you so much for helping me achieve my academic goals.