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All our programs offer individualized attention to help you succeed academically. Select from any one of the options below to learn more. If you are not sure what program to select, please contact us today to speak with one of our counselors for proper academic guidance. We are happy to help you plan your road-map to success.

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High School Programs



Test Preparation

SAT Subject Tests
ACT Prep
AP Exams

College Admissions Counseling

Prepare for the rigorous college application process: initial college interviews, tests, college applications, and college visits.

Private Tutoring

Need a little help? Private tutoring is available for all subjects. Contact us today to speak with our conselors.

3rd to 8th grade academic programs

Children are more apt to develop patterns of success when taught from a young age. We have specialized programs designed to help guide, nurture and support children starting at age 3 through 8 years old. Habits of success will help them be better prepared academically for high-school, colleges and universities. Stay ahead of the curve, give us a call today.

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3rd to 8th Grade Academic Programs

Academics and Classes

Help your child improve their academic performance. From listening, to writing and speaking. We’re here to help.

Test Preparation

We help students prepare for success in highschool, colleges, and universities. PIE practices an individualized approach to reach academic success.

Summer Programs

Specially designed summer programs for younger kids. Fun subjects such as Spanish, Chinese, Arts & Crafts to name a few. Call us to learn more.

Our structured curriculum helps you develop academic success